Social features lack in ERP software

I’m not hearing a lot about the social ERP subject yet we are the more and more people working together remotly, I think this deserve more attention. My insipiration come from social network,, Asana, Yammer, Teams and so on.

Project managment system like got very nice social oriented features. Using this idea for ERP would enhance users implication and communication. I’m feeling like everyone focusing on business process and their usability. Are we forgetting the goal of ERP is to capitalize informations input from interactive people ? Users need to have more informations about each other (of course respectintg permission set aside). Knowing others can see what you achieve can alway be a great motivation engine.

Here is some small social features idea I’m in for Business central but it’s also valid for sap &co :

– View who is currectly using a page or record

Google sheet live view on a shared document

– Enhance authors & anotations visibility. Capacity to open users cards from anotations/author fields

Google sheet cell comment open up, allow to tag or affect someone. The person will receive notification then have to check the task as done.

– Enhance users card information with image, last connection date, some statistics (most viewed page, number of posted document ect)

– Shortcut to start conversation/mail with other users

– Shortcut to share elements in other system like teams, yammer… project managment, interacting about a task

– Shared and affectable to-do list on ERP element oriented (Not overriding a whole project mgt software but a simple user task list would be nice)

A notes on business central v15, low user visibility neither interactive content.

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