Using FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) in Business Central

I’ve made a .Net lib to access FTP over SSL/TLS functions from Nav/Business Central on Premise. It’s bases on limilabs Ftp.dll. This one is accepting all security certificate including self-signed. Do not confuse with SFTP that is FTP encapsulated in SSH. Download it here : FTPS-For-Nav-2 Visual studio C# source project here FTPS-For-Nav-SOURCE Install thoses two […]

Http web request SSL validation

You may need to communicate with external web service in Nav, such as API for Ecommerce, Logistic tracking or whatever. To do that, you can inspire from codeunit 1297 for Rest API and codeunit 1290 for Soap API. I find out that Http Web request component from Microsoft .Net do not allow any communications with […]