Enable Preview of “Analysis / Pivot” view in Business Central

Micorosoft presented this fantastic feature last year on TechDays and Direction. Enable the feature The general availability is planned for Business Central 23.0 (october 2023), however you can enable the preview version for Business Central 22.0 (2023 wave 1) under the page “Feature Managment” https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/analysis-mode Either you can click on “Try it out” to get […]

Multi-companies solution designing in Business Central

Some of you might have struggled against Business Central companies architecture. For exemple you can need to build a page showing aggregation of table across all companies, or create a process that will run on Company A and then post something in Company B. The C/AL and AL code allow us to use “CHANGECOMPANY” on […]

Automate your C/Side to AL Data transfer (Business central v14)

If you plan to read this post you’ve probably already worked or planned to on C/AL to extension convertion. This post does not treat about the base update or AL convertion but only about the data transfert from c/al to extension. AL extension data are stored differently than C/AL : adding fields on customer table […]

Using FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) in Business Central

I’ve made a .Net lib to access FTP over SSL/TLS functions from Nav/Business Central on Premise. It’s bases on limilabs Ftp.dll. This one is accepting all security certificate including self-signed. Do not confuse with SFTP that is FTP encapsulated in SSH. Download it here : FTPS-For-Nav-2 Visual studio C# source project here FTPS-For-Nav-SOURCE Install thoses two […]