Enable Preview of “Analysis / Pivot” view in Business Central

Micorosoft presented this fantastic feature last year on TechDays and Direction.

Enable the feature

The general availability is planned for Business Central 23.0 (october 2023), however you can enable the preview version for Business Central 22.0 (2023 wave 1) under the page “Feature Managment”


Either you can click on “Try it out” to get the feature enabled only for you

Or switch the “Enabled for”, from  “None” to “All Users”


The analysis mode is available on any single list pages, exclucding indented list (eg Chart of accounts).

The feature work as per the pivot table in Excel. It is possible to filter, group by lines and group by columns with : sum, average, count, min/max.

All those value are also calculated on the fly when selecting an area on the result table at the bottom bar.

The different configuration can be saved as a tab (top corner) then rearranged, duplicated and renamed exactly like Excel sheets.

Last but not least, the thing can as well be exported in csv or excel in just one right click :





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