Enable Preview of “Analysis / Pivot” view in Business Central

Micorosoft presented this fantastic feature last year on TechDays and Direction. Enable the feature The general availability is planned for Business Central 23.0 (october 2023), however you can enable the preview version for Business Central 22.0 (2023 wave 1) under the page “Feature Managment” https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/analysis-mode Either you can click on “Try it out” to get […]

Multithreading in Business central AL

Hi This post expose how to run multithreading operation in AL using subsession mecanism. I’ll provide codeunit to ease the usage with a nice UI. If you ever need to run an heavy process in Business Central that could be splitted in multiple parrallel task (with codeunit and optionaly record input) then this could definitively […]